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Tuesday 25th October 16

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Catch My Catch v 1.0 (Beta)

Catch My Catch
Catch My Catch is an automatic scoring system designed for angling matches. The current build includes numerous key features such as image uploads per fish entry, peg view and stat charts. The first prototype run of the system is due in early October 2016. We are confident that it will be available for licencing towards the early part of 2017. If you're interested in using the system for your event please email or fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page. We will get back to you shortly. Thank you!

MHWD Panel Template v 1.1

Free website templatesThe first free template from MHWebDesigns is now available to download. The 'fully responsive' template is constructed using HTML 5, CSS 3 and JQuery. Each download comes with basic instructions on how to edit the text and make it your own. We have made it as simple as possible allowing you to examine the code and teach yourself. It uses very basic JavaScript that you will never need to touch. Basic coding knowledge would be beneficial but not essential. The template will open in web design software. There is even a basic editor supplied with the template. We would love to hear your feedback. You can either send us an email at or fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Release date : 19/04/16 (GNU License)Live DemoDownload

Version History

v 1.1 - Integration of LightBox to the section images.

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We will listen to you the customer and produce a quality website that suits your needs. We understand that creating your own space on the web can be daunting but we will guide you through every step of the way. Design, Host and Support... We purposely keep our costs low and specialise in small business start up. Starting a business can be costly but your website doesn't have to be. By analysing your target audience we can create a simple but effective design to ensure you get the most out of your online media. With years of knowledge and professional contacts in design and marketing, we know we can get your business off the ground.

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Creating a website doesn’t have to be expensive. The price of a quality website can vary depending on the design and the amount of content you wish to display. We offer a range of packages starting from a single navigational page template (£250) to bespoke ecommerce solutions. Each website is quoted on an individual basis. Why not get in touch today for your hassle free quotation and see how we can help you.

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Online marketing can be difficult. We have years of experience in online digital marketing including the use of social media. Social media can be a great tool if utilised correctly. Imagine your website is a train station. If the train never stops at your station it doesn't matter how effective your website is. We have the knowledge to guide your target audience to your place on the web. Fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page to find out how we can help you. The best part about this service is that it's free and doesn't cost a penny. We try to reply to all emails within 7 days but it may take a little longer during busy periods.

  • Portfolio

    Boillix Baits is a modern bespoke design using HTML and CSS. The build includes a PayPal integrated shopping cart and a customised gallery. The theme was created after a detailed rebranding process for web media. Boillix Baits is hosted on our server and utilises the update service, allowing them more time to effectively run their buisness.

  • Carp Particles is an unique design using HTML 5 and CSS 3. The build includes a grid style PayPal cart system that allows easy purchasing. The idea was to create something simple with maximum impact. The Carp Particles website is hosted on our server and utilises the update service, allowing the team more time to produce the product.

  • Forces Carp Classic uses HTML 5, CSS 3 and PHP. It utilises the new 'Pop Out' template developed by MHWebDesigns. The PHP allows multiple pages to be changed at once, cutting down on the update time. They also take advantage of our live match template system to achieve the best possible coverage of their event.

  • The Army Carpers needed a website that would not only help them manage thier angling matches but help broadcast them to the public. The build uses HTML 5, CSS 3 and PHP to create a dynamic structure. Our match template was designed using the specifications supplied by them. Army Carpers utilise our update service for each match.

  • Big Hair Big Dreams uses HTML 5, CSS 3 and PHP. The template was designed to use modern modules in a French vintage setting. The PHP allows multiple pages to be changed at once, cutting down on the update time. They also take advantage of our hosting and update services.

  • Ian 'Chilly' Chillcott needs no introduction within the Carp fishing community. He needed an attractive website to start his angling tuition business. The build uses HTML 5 and CSS 3 to create a responsive structure.

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